DJ Akademiks has had himself an eventful last couple of months. The man who bills himself as a social media "negrociator" was the former foil for Joe Budden on Everyday Struggle, which saw Ak grow his profile beyond just Twitch streams. Now, with his Complex show on hiatus until they figure out how to move past Budden's exit, the content creator is now taking his music career very seriously, previewing a new song for fans over the weekend.

In what will come as no surprise to fans of Akademiks', there was at least a tinge of drama in the snippet that he played for his followers on Instagram Live recently. The song, potentially titled "Trap American," even features a mild diss aimed at Vic Mensa, another young rapper that Ak famously warred with on Everyday Struggle last year. 

The sequence in the preview that calls out Mensa sounds like this: "A million views, we up next/Vic Mensa upset/Always chillin' on set/Thots breakin' they necks." You can check out a respot of the song preview via YouTube below.

It's safe to say that Mensa and Akademiks have never seen eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, particularly when it comes to the Everyday Struggle host clowning real-life situations that can affect people in very serious and, sometimes, life-threatening ways. As Mensa put it during his guest spot on the web series, he wanted to "slap" Akademiks "in [the] face." The conversation between the two of them got pretty heated, and judging by the new song preview that Ak shared on social media, the beef has far from subsided. Check out some of the clips from that show and the follow-up below.

Do you think Akademiks will have any more disses in store for other rappers in his upcoming material? Let us know in the comments.