Vic Mensa is coming to the end of accompanying Jay Z on his 4:44 tour with the duo wrapping things up on December 21st in Los Angeles. 

During his recent visit to Montreal, the "We Could Be Free" rapper stopped by Montreality to chat a variety of topics such as what it means to "stay woke," how someone can become a threat to the government and why Donald Trump is a puppet. 

Some more notable topics, however, are how he wants to play Prince in his biopic and the tension between two of his mentors, Jay and Kanye West.

"Nobody likes it, I don't think they like," he says about Jay and Kanye's conflict. "That's the delicate thing about male ego, you know what I'm saying. Relationships go through that all relationships, male, female, ego-driven or not. Relationships go through strain and, you know, the real relationships live past it. As I believe Kanye and HOV relationship 100% has and will." Vic adds that although he doesn't know the personal happenings between the two, he admits they both "laid the framework [and] the groundwork for a lot" of hip-hop emcees to exist.

When it comes to him playing the role of "the real King of pop" he says he'd kill it because he's "got that mouthpiece," adding: "Prince was butter smooth with it and I feel like I could do it."

Vic ends the interview with a message to the youth: "Don't drink the kool-aide. Find out for yourself, blaze your own path, blaze your own trail. You have been misled and you will be misled if you continue to allow yourself to be."