Vic Mensa will make his television debut alongside Lil Rey Howery, in the upcoming episode of his brand new Fox sitcom Rel. The episode titled "Laundry Room" starts off on a rather mundane premise, the titular character played Lil Rel Howery is having a tough time getting his day started, partly because he has a load of laundry to contend before he makes any headway. The only problem is, the laundry room in his tenement is being held hostage by a local gang, of which Vic Mensa's plays one of the henchmen "ManMan." Aside from Lil Rel, the series co-stars Sinbad, Jordan L. Jones, and Jessica Moore aka Jess Hilarious.

Vic Mensa's "ManMan" character is very much "of the times," as he brags about his purported crimes on Instagram Live, Rel eventually tabling a philosophical argument with his character on the virtue of gang culture. Mensa's growing role as a social activist in his native Chicago made him the perfect choice for the role. Howery is deliberately trying to create a brand new platform for Chicago-bred comedians like Jordan L. Jones and himself. The episode airs on September 30th at 9:30 pm -- the series premiere aired on the 9th. Check out the trailer for the series (below).