Footage of an unfortunate incident involving Belly and at least 10 security guards has just surfaced. TMZ provided the video clip and a loose explanation of the incident. Apparently Belly was simply a victim of circumstances when the Coachella security team overran a group of people walking from the sound booth to the VIP area. It appears the tight enclosure was a little too close to the main stage, perhaps by design. The security staff acted without reservation, before they could identify anyone in the crowded line.

Belly has chosen to remain positive about the experience. He himself performed during the festival's 2nd weekend, a performance he considers "the best show of his life." The irony of it all, is that Belly of all people has a recording contract with The Weeknd's XO label, and a few collaborations to his credit. All things considered, the security guards may have taken a few too many pot shots, but as reported, Coachella security and law enforcement agencies were taking no shorts in ensuring the safety of the crowd en masse. Belly's story as a street maven turned rapper is the stuff of legend in his native Canada.