Vince Carter is one of the best dunkers to ever play the game of basketball. His talent for creating highlight real dunks all started at the dunk contest when he put on a show as a member of the Toronto Raptors. After 21 seasons in the NBA, Carter is still playing at a high level and next season, he will be playing in his 22nd and final season. Carter just announced that he plans to retire after next season, although he's a free agent right now and doesn't have a team yet. Either way, there will certainly be a team out there who would want Carter, especially since his presence would elicit a huge reaction at every game as a farewell tour would certainly be on the horizon.

Carter has been working as an analyst throughout the NBA Finals and the other day, he hit up the court to show off how well he can dunk, despite being 42 years old. In civilian clothes, a dress shirt tucked into some dress pants, Carter ran down to the net and pulled off a reverse dunk. He even hung from the rim for a little bit before letting go, which just further proved he's still got the athleticism to play in the NBA.

Even if Carter can't be the player he once was, there is no denying just how exciting he is.