For the record, Vince Staples isn't one to celebrate Thanksgiving, if his latest Twitter-spree is any indication. The LA-rapper went out his way to denigrate the holiday on the grounds that it's perpetrated by white colonists. Staples may not be the first to push this idea to the fore, but he certainly painted it lovely with his own Staples-esque manner of speaking.

It all started with a Tweet that read: "On the dead homies fuck all pilgrims." Vince Staples' fans let out a gasp before their feeds were bombarded with the continuation of his monologue. Those that have followed Vince's career closely are well acquainted with his sardonic ways, this is nothing new.


Slurping cranberry sauce in the name of "white murder." Yep, Vince Staples said it first. When he crits your Mom for sticking her forearm up a Turkey's b-hole, it ain't your customary "Yo Momma" joke. This one has post-colonial connotations.

In fact, the whole Twitter-spree lasted a good 24 hours, with Vince issuing encores in an unpredictable manner. Staples made inferences of "bloody murder" at least 3 times over the course of his rant, using racially-sensitive language to get his point across most effectively.