"I know nobody asked me this," says Vince, "but I really think MGK and Eminem should just run it real quick. Meet in a neutral location, a Cracker Barrel or Trader Joe's, somewhere they both comfortable, and just squabble up." He elaborates throughout the remainder of his Instagram story, breaking down his perspective on the ongoing beef. "I don't really know what happened, but my n***a Machine Gun sounds mad. You do be talking about people Marsh, so just run him his fade, Marsh, he need it!" 

Vince may very well have been targeted by Em on "The Ringer." "Full magazine could take Staples out," raps Em, leading Vince himself to tweet attention to the bar. Though notorious for his deadpan and scathing sense of sarcasm, it feels as if Vince Staples is enjoying taking the piss out of the squabble. One has to wonder if such behaviour can be seen as "poking the bear," since Em has seemingly reopened the door for hip-hop contention.

Vince certainly has the wit and intelligence to prove formidable on wax, but he has openly spoken out against beef in the past. He does, however, believe in solving problems the old fashioned way. In the mean time, Vince seems content to poll the people on who would win, as he continues to do so on his expanding IG story.