The 6 second kingmaker is coming to an end. Earlier today, it was announced via blog post that Vine will be discontinued in the next few months. The hugely popular Twitter-owned mobile app has entertained millions of people online since 2013, and that wonderful era is coming to an end.

In their blog post, Team Vine & Twitter mentioned that although the website and app will no longer be active, none of the videos will be deleted - all of the 6 second twerk clips we grew up on will stay online like a specter of fapping nostalgia. Many viral stars, such as Nebraskan pop-rap duo Jack & Jack, found their fame on Vine, and we imagine it will only be a matter of weeks before a new kingpin star-maker website emerges in Vine's absence.

R.I.P Vine - we're gonna pour out a couple Twerk vids to commemorate the times we've had together.