It has been a wild week for America but for Virgil Abloh, it's been equally hectic as he's faced serious backlash for recent comments surrounding the protests and his own donation. He was forced to explain that he's donated way more than the $50 receipt shared to his IG Story, though that still didn't put an end to the memes.

Today, he took to Instagram where he shared a slew of examples of how he was changing anti-blackness from within the system. As you probably recall, it was a huge deal when Virgil was hired at the Louis Vuitton creative director, especially since designer fashion brands are notorious for appropriating Black culture without giving the Black community it's due. He shared several posts on how he and Off-White have fought back against systemic racism.

"I have receipts for days. so this ideology for a content stream will be here until further notice on my Instagram video channel. tons of past projects for days cause I understand it hadn't been explicit. I assume it was obvious. The premise is all dedicated to how i and you can fight systemic racism with poise, style, and grace," he wrote.

Check out Virgil's statement below.