Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is in a giving mood this Holiday season and has decided to send gifts to each and every one of his opponents in the AFC West, including the practice squad players and guys on injured reserve. 

According to the Denver Post, well over 200 players on the Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers, as well as his squad, will be receiving a custom bottle of "The Setting" wine, as a token of his appreciation for their accomplishments in life.

Of course, "The Setting" bottle features Miller's signature orange glasses and his signature on the label so this is definitely more than just a kind gesture, but who's going to turn down a free bottle of vino?

Check out the note that came with each bottle of custom wine below:

It is an honor and a privilege to take the field and compete with you twice a year. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to fulfill our childhood dreams of playing in the NFL. The blood, sweat, aches and pains, and endless hours spent watching film are a testament to the love and dedication we have for this game. So take a moment, reflect on all your successes, and enjoy your accomplishment. Appreciate those who have helped you get this far, and start working towards your next childhood dream.

Thank you for helping to make our game great!

-Von Miller