With more and more species of animals going extinct, big topics like wildlife conservation have been on everyone's mind. That's why folks were outraged after Von Miller posted a video of himself capturing a hammerhead shark back in 2018. In the video, you can see Miller and his friends reeling in the beast, all while tying it up. The shark looks bloody and disoriented, which prompted PETA to accuse Miller of illegally capturing and killing the animal. However, Miller claims that they ended up releasing the animal back into the water while it was still alive. Video footage obtained by TMZ backs up Miller's case.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigated Miller over the incident and decided not to charge him with anything. According to TMZ Sports, the case had been transferred to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who ended up fining the owner and operator of the boat for $2000. Both parties were charged with "fishing for sharks without the proper permit and failure to release a shark in the manner that will ensure maximum probability of survival."

Now that Miller gets to walk free, he'll surely think twice before he decides to go fishing on that level again.