Wack 100 is a man of many controversial statements. Whether it's his thoughts YG, Nipsey Hussle, or whoever, he typically stands by whatever he says. Often times his comments ruffle enough feathers to spark debate on the Internet which, in a way, seems like what he  aims for in the first place.

The elections are coming up in a matter of months and the only person who has a chance of defeating Trump is Joe Biden. Unfortunately, there's a large portion of left-leaning voters who aren't enthusiastic about voting for him. Wack 100 hasn't necessarily been too political, at least when it comes to the White House, but he made his voice clear today when he announced that he'd be voting for Trump. His reason? We survived his first time.

"I'm voting Trump we survived the first term we can survive the next. We know his moves Biden ain't no telling wtf he has in store," he commented under his own post blasting Biden. " MY VOTE IS TRUMP— You do wtf you do that’s your business. All that other shit is what it is. Won’t you write a post about YOUR BULLSHIT we all have a closet. Meaning me you Trump don’t matter all have shit the next won’t approve of — VOTE TRUMP."

Check out Wack 100's post below.