Waka Flocka initiated a beef with his former Brick Squad partner Gucci Mane last week when he teased and then dropped a Gucci diss track called "Was My Dawg." In the song, Flocka accused Gucci of being a "ball hog" and committing other offenses. In a video obtained by TMZ, he explained that he Gucci has not given enough credit to Flocka's mother, artist manager Debra Antney, for jump-starting their respective careers.

"My fans deserve for me to elaborate on why I went so hard at a person that quote-unquote started my career," Flocka said. "And to make the record straight, my mother started my career. My mother started Gucci's career, my mother started Nicki's career, [OJ da] Juiceman's career, French Montana's career, Lex Luger as a producer."

"She molded us all." he continued. "To give one man credit for something that he don't even know how to do. If you got to dig at me as a person, I don't listen to words, I don't watch pictures. I follow actions."

Antney was one of Gucci's first managers and served as the Chief Financial Officer of 1017 Brick Squad. Watch Flocka's message below. Listen to "Was My Dawg" here.