We haven't heard much from Waka Flocka in terms of music in recent times. He released a few songs throughout the year but many have been anticipating the release of his project Flockaveli 2. In October, he said that it would drop in early 2018 but we've yet to get an update on it. It'll be interesting to hear what Waka has up his sleeve, especially in the current climate of hip hop. Waka helped influence the current sound dominating hip hop right now but there's some artists in the game he feels like are biting his whole style.

Waka Flocka recently appeared on the Domenick Nati Show where he was asked about the idea of collaborating with Lil Pump. He didn't necessarily shut out the idea of hopping on a track with the "Gucci Gang" rapper but he definitely feels like he fathered Pump's style.

"Lil Pump raps about the shit I've been rapping about on my last 30-plus old CDs. Literally, same shit. Same way on my same sounding beat." He said on the show, "Lil Pump's like a white Waka Flocka. Excuse me, not white. Albino Waka Flocka."

Along with his comments on Pump, he also revealed his worst experience meeting a celebrity. The rapper once met Marlon Wayans and got curved.

"That n*gga posed on me, man. It hurt. It was like a childhood thing," he said with a chuckle, "I was in the club and I see Marlon Wayans. I said, 'Yo, Marlon, what's up?' and he looked at me like, 'The fuck? Who are you?' and he left. I was like 'damn.'"

You could listen to the rest of the interview below where he also speaks on his wife Tammy Rivera and Donald Trump.