The outdated patriarchal mindset teaches us to believe that men should be the primary breadwinners of the family. While that may be the case in some families, it's certainly not a necessary way of living. Men and women are equally capable of being efficient workers in their chosen professional fields. Rapper Waka Flocka still believes that the way we're taught to think puts tons of pressure on dudes to provide for their families, explaining why he thinks men just aren't "supposed to be" happy.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Waka's post has been picking up traction across social media with many of his fans commenting on the hot take. In the original post, the "Hard in the Paint" star states that men have gotten the short end of the stick historically. "Men are not supposed to be happy, bro," said the recording artist. "We're supposed to work like slaves, pay all the bills, do everything our women say, and die."

The artist's own partner agreed with him on the majority of his points, except the happiness bit. "Noooo you can be happy tho 😂 everything else on point," wrote Tammy Rivera in the comments. The text-based upload may have been intended as a joke but it has people up in arms, debating intersectional feminism on social media and using this as a conversation-starter.

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