After a five year absence from the game, Waka Flocka Flame is returning to the game with his highly anticipated project Flockaveli II. It's certainly been a minute, but Waka Flocka fans can attest that the game can certainly benefit from a Flockaveli sequel, especially as the project promises a return to the rapper's "trap roots." The album has yet to secure a concrete release date, but it is slated for an "early 2018 release" via Entertainment One (eOne). While that might very well be a while off, you can catch the album's two first singles, "Trap My Ass Off," and "Circles."

Insofar as the lengthy album delay, Flocka explains some of the reasoning in a recent press release: "This is the fourth time I’ve made Flockaveli II. I lost the original version when I lost my hard drives, and then I lost two more after that. With this version of the album I just did it.” While we might never get to know what Flocka's original sounds were, at least we can take solace in the fact that the rapper has finally finished up a satisfactory version. Apparently, "Circles" was the only track to have survived the hard drive crash, and as it happens, it's also one of Flocka's most personal and emotional songs.  “It’s the only record I have ever made that I had tears in my eyes. It reminds me of all the pain I overcame.” 

The project began at forty-two tracks, before eventually getting whittled down to the final nineteen. While some might be unsure about what to expect from Waka after such a lengthy absence, he assures that Flockaveli II is one for the fans. "There was a whole bunch of frustration and anger making this album but I want people to know the same as Flockaveli II. Better delivery, better flow. This is a Waka Flocka album.”