Earlier this week, during an interview with HOT 97, Gucci Mane said that he hasn't spoken to Waka Flocka in three years, presumably not having contacted his former protégé since before getting locked up in September 2013, remaining in prison until May of this year. Waka has now seen the interview, and he went on Twitter earlier today to publicly respond, suggesting that Gucci or one of his affiliates invited him to his homecoming party to celebrate his release from prison. "Just seen the interview," wrote Waka, "n*ggas was begging the kid to come to his party," before scoffing at Gucci's claim that they hadn't spoken in a few years. 

While speaking to Funk Flex, Gucci implied that he doesn't see him and Waka crossing paths anytime soon. "It's just done," he said. "I wish him well. I'm so concerned with the stuff I got going, I just did two albums in three months...I can't trip forward looking back." 

Waka doesn't seem to show any eagerness to mend broken ties, either. But after responding to Gucci's on-air comments about him, he went on to say that there is "no shade" coming from his end. In the same tweet, he confirmed that Flockaveli 2, which will be his first album in over three years, will be dropping in winter of this year.