Veganism has been a rising trend over the past few years. Many rappers, singers, actors and celebrities in general have adapted the healthier lifestyle choice to their day-to-day life. PETA has played a major role in delivering the message. Over the years, they've ran campaigns against the use of animal fur, animal cruelty and pretty much anything else that falls within standing up for animal rights. While people like Russell Simmons have been vegans for decades, artists like Waka Flocka Flame and YG have picked up on the lifestyle choice over the past few years and have advocated for it at that.

Today, PETA grabbed Waka Flocka Flame, Mya and Russell Simmons to sit down at vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen in L.A. where they discuss why they converted to veganism.

As they sit down, Waka Flocka says that he converted to veganism due to his robust size from eating meat.

"I was fat as fuck. Like big. Mothafuckas would ask like 'Yo do you play in the NFL?'" Waka says at the beginning. While he mentions that he has had attempts to change to veganism, it wasn't until he realized he gained 45 lbs. in a month due to eating steaks, shrimp and other high-end animal products. While he says that he went on and off with it, once he did his research on what's in the meat, he said that was his turning point.

Russell Simmons later continues saying that his vegan diet was because of his concerns for the animals and the planet. He says that while he thinks about how there are 100 billion animals that are waiting to be born, it's the process of how they are killed that constantly sits in his head and that had a major factor in his conversion to veganism. Both Mya and Waka Flocka agree with that, saying that it also played a factor in going for a vegan lifestyle.

Mya revisits a time when she did a fashion show in New York where the designer was sporting fur. PETA later bombarded her with some harsh letters apparently, that had a major role in helping her see the cruelty in the meat industry. She also credits the knowledge she's gained on the animal industry and how she's treated for her conversion.

All three entertainers have been very vocal about their veganism. All three of them recount when they decided to change. Overall it's an enlightening video for anyone who is interested in learning more about veganism.

Watch the full video below: