Contrary to those who recently attempted to pit Waka Flocka against 50 Cent, the Atlanta-based rapper is declaring that he has no beef with Power mogul. Waka Flocka is known for sharing brief thoughts on Instagram that can sometimes stir up controversy, but he returned to social media today to clear up speculation that his posts specifically target anyone in particular.

Waka Flocka
Cindy Ord / Stringer / Getty Images

The other day, 50 Cent took part in an interview where he answered questions about his strained relationship with his son Marquise Jackson. Fif explained why he and his son fell out, and when asked if he loved Marquise, 50 Cent answered, "I used to." Not long after, Waka shared a post to his Instagram page that read, "Can't f*ck wit a person that don't f*ck with their own kids." Immediately, people suggested that he was taking aim at Fif. However, Waka Flocka returned today (May 8) to share that his posts are about his life, not anyone else's.

"My post be about things in my life not what's trending on the internet," he wrote. Fans were divided on this one, but Waka stands his ground. Check out both text posts from Waka Flocka below.