The stock market was a whole mess last week. Just ask DJ Paul or Tobias Harris or DJ Scream. All three of them empathized with Waka Flocka after the rapper revealed his losses on the market last week. If you're planning on one day achieving mogul status, you know that you need to make numerous smart investments with your money. Instead of copping some designer goods, get your money into real estate, cryptocurrency, or stocks. To make money, you've got to take risks. Waka Flocka knows the name of the game but last week, he was left shaking his head at how things had turned out.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The "Hard in da Paint" star uploaded a screenshot of his personal finances to social media, telling all his followers how much of hard time he had last week. "Terrible week," said the rapper. "If y’all knew how much I lost this week." The photo shows that Waka experienced more than 1% of a drop-off in his stocks, losing just over $31K in seven days. He knows that, as a businessman, he'll have good and bad days. This obviously happened to be one of the worst but we're confident that he'll find his way back up to where he was.

Did you take a hit last week with all the recent stock market trends?