"If he'll take the violence out of his rap, I'll never again call him a n*gger, and I'll apologize to him," said radio host Bob Romanik of Waka Flocka in a video shared today by TMZ. "But until then, he is what he is." 

Romanik, the "Grim Reaper of Radio," made Waka the subject of a racist rant last week. Broadcasting from his small town station in Belleville, IL, Romanik was infuriated upon hearing of how Waka had taken a fan's Trump jersey at a recent concert and wiped his ass with it onstage. 

After calling Waka a "greasy n*gger son of a bitch," Romanik told rapper, "you'll be the deadest son of a bitch walkin' around" if he were to ever try to take the Trump shirt off of his back. 

Waka, who's currently touring in Europe, has said he wants to guest on Romanik's show when he's back in the States. He heard last week's rant, and he responded by calling into TMZ from Europe. "Yeah, I heard that idiot," he said. "Disgrace to white America, I heard him. I heard that cracker, excuse me." 

"A white cracker is a disrespectful, racist bastard," Waka continued. "That's a white cracker. His show needs to get shut the fuck down, period. If his show don't get shut down, that lets you know how far racism goes in America." 

If his show doesn't get terminated by the FCC, Waka wants to sit down with Romanik for an on-air interview. "Shit, I'ma go up to his show," said Waka. "I'ma find out how much he gon' kill me when I touch back to the States. I'ma show him what threats is like." 

"I'm not gonna call the cops," Waka explained, happy to deal with Romanik's racist threats by himself. "I'ma go to his show and see if I could get a personal interview. Lemme see if you talk that rah-rah shit when I pull up." 

Upon hearing Waka's response, Romanik also called into TMZ and defended himself against accusations of racism. "I'm not a racist," said Romanik. "I don't like that no good greasy son of a bitch. It's not hatred in the community, it's not hatred for the blacks. It's hatred for him and his actions." 

He then let it be known that he wasn't intimidated by Waka's threats to show up at his radio station. "Waka Flocka can come by anytime in this world," said Romanik, "but lemme tell ya, I'm not a racist. I'm a proud white man. And if he thinks that that thug ass of his scares me, he's got another thing comin'." 

What Waka may not realize is that Romanik's studio is probably situated in his own ramshackle home. Can you imagine if Waka actually did pull up on the elderly host? One wonders if Romanik would still have a show by the time their face-off is over with.