Back in April, the Washington Wizards fired longtime president and general manager Ernie Grunfeld and haven't hired anyone since. The NBA Draft is in exactly one week from today and the Wizards still don't have a GM. This is a pretty big faux pas and when you think about how free agency starts on June 30th, you quickly realize just how in the hole the Wizards are right now. There doesn't seem to be much progress in terms of hiring anyone, although Toronto's Masai Ujiri is one of the people who could be pursued once the Finals are over. 

The Wizards in dire need of a boss and there is one man who is ready for the job and that man is rapper Wale. Wale has been known to put on for the DMV and as a native of Washington, D.C., he would be the perfect fan to make the decisions that will guide the franchise's future.

"I would like to fill out an application," Wale wrote on Twitter when one fan made mention of the team's GM woes.

Wale's fans seemed to be pretty supportive of his potential venture and while it probably won't happen, it would certainly make the team more interesting. The Wizards have been a non-factor in the league for a while now so any kind of big name hire would be refreshing.

If not Ujiri, the Wizards should definitely bring Wale on board. Can't be any worse than Grunfeld.