Stirring the pot in so many ways with his upcoming album and political opinions, Wale offered some words of wisdom in this "Make America Great Again" era. When asked what the Trump administration could do to bring unity to the country, he said, "I don't think they really care [...]."

Then again, the D.C. rapper admitted that, if anything, President Trump is forcing people to unite against him.

"If there's any silver lining in this shit, is that people of all walks of life are coming together," he told TMZ. "And that shit makes me feel proud for humanity. We got a wild person in charge right now, but what I see happening is [...] less hate among different creeds."

He opined that people are beginning to notice there's a "bigger enemy" at the present but won't come to fully realize it "for another year." Wale has been vocal about alt-right political commentators he feels are trying to stoke fear and division in the country. Last month, he roasted Tomi Lahren on Twitter when she made an attempt to diss him after he offered to "train her" in the track "Smile."