A conservative columnist took aim at Cardi B, calling out the music video she shot with City Girls along with the "Twerk" contest winners. According to her critique, Stephanie Hamill seemed to indicate that the type of images included in the clip was inappropriate in the era of the #MeToo movement. Cardi clapped back with the quickness, needing no rescue. Wale still came through to support his fellow emcee.

"This makes no sense," he responded to Hamill. "Just say you jealous that u uncapable of such coordination and rhythm and kindly let leave the podium. Thx." The columnist responded in humor, "You're right. I def don't know how to TWERK." Then Wale suggested, "maybe... just maybe... let them have fun? Find something u know about... mind the business that pays you? With all due respect."

While many social media users seemed to agree with his stance, others still questioned the models available to today's youth. Infowar's reporter, Owen Shroyer, questioned the logic too. He asked, "women's empowerment is getting ass injections and shaking it on camera?"

After a few exchanges with Shroyer and other Twitter users, Wale concluded the discussion by naming some of the Black women who are currently deemed as positive role models. Lena Waithe. Issa Rae. Taraji. Maya Moore. Simone Biles. Robyn Fenty," he listed. "I can go for days... you control what u watch for inspiration." He also included a definition of the term empowerment, in case people needed a reminder.