ESports have become incredibly popular over the last few years and one of the games that is at the forefront of that is NBA 2K. For those who don't know, 2K is one of if not the most popular sports video game on the market. There are millions of players and the game offers a simulative experience of NBA basketball. The NBA has taken full advantage of the game's popularity and has created their own league, appropriately called the NBA 2K League. Last night, the league held an entry draft which recruits players to various different teams, with some being run by actual NBA franchises. In the fourth round of the draft, Warriors Gaming, which is run by the Golden State Warriors, selected the first ever woman to be drafted into the league.

Chiquita Evans waited for over three hours before hearing her name called, a selection that made history in the world of NBA eSports. According to ESPN, Evans used to play college and semi-pro basketball and was working as a trainer at Planet Fitness before being given this opportunity.

"It changes everything,'' she said according to ESPN. "It means everything to me.''

Evans will be making between $33,000 and $37,000 a year, which includes housing and benefits. As the first female pro NBA 2K League player, Evans said that she has faced sexism in the past but is strong enough to move past it.

"I've had sexual remarks put towards me,'' she said. "I get told I should be back in the kitchen. '2K is not for women,' I've had that. There's no question about that.''

A native of Chicago, Evans will be moving to the Bay area so she can play with her new team.