Over the last five seasons, the Golden State Warriors have proven themselves to be one of the best dynasties of all time. While they aren't the best team ever, they can certainly make the case for being one of the best as they made the NBA Finals five straight years and won three NBA Titles. This past year, the Warriors played the Toronto Raptors in the Finals and after a plethora of injuries left the team depleted, they lost in six games. The series wasn't a pretty one for the Warriors who seemed to be too tired and dejected to pull off the win. 

Today, the Raptors are celebrating their big win with a championship parade throughout the streets of Toronto. To mark the occasion, the Warriors took out a full-page ad in the Toronto Star which actually congratulates the Raptors on their big win. 

The picture used in the ad shows Steph Curry hugging Kyle Lowry as he won his first ever title. It's a classy move from an organization that has been the benchmark for winning over the second half of this decade.

Regardless of how you feel about the Warriors, you have to admit that this is a great move and that the team is taking this loss with grace, pride, and dignity.