Each and every day one or two NBA teams unveil their new Nike "Association" and "Icon" uniforms for the upcoming season. Today, the Washington Wizards revealed what their two primary jerseys for next season will look like.

Thus far, the Nike NBA jerseys that have been revealed are essentially the same from last season, with the exception being the Indiana Pacers, who revealed a completely new look.

Adding to the list of teams that are sticking with a familiar design is the Washington Wizards.

The "Association" edition, which is the white one, looks just like the one from last season, except the number on the jersey is slightly smaller. The same can be said for the red "Icon" edition. 

All 30 NBA teams will have four primary uniforms next season, including the Association and Icon editions, as well as one inspired by the "mindset" of the NBA athlete, and another representing the communities that support their teams. Unlike previous seasons, home teams will not be obligated to wear their white jerseys for home games.

Check out some additional images of the Wizards' "Association" and "Icon" uniforms below.