It may seem like a distant memory, but VH1’s new version of Hollywood Squares spin-off Hip Hop Squares is finally debuting tonight. Executive produced by Ice Cube, VH1 Hip Hop Squares will test hip hop, entertainment and comedy celebrities’ knowledge of pop culture in the iconic ‘squares’ format. Deray Davis hosts the show.

If this whole thing seems familiar, it’s because MTV created a very similar revival that was also called Hip Hop Squares back in 2012 (hosted by Peter Rosenberg), but it didn’t last past its first season. Hopefully this one has a bit more gas in the tank. With Ice Cube and his goal of creating his own music studio driving things, we think VH1 Hip Hop Squares will have a lot more going for it.

To get people to tune in, VH1 has released a 5 minute preview of the very first episode, which features celebrities Faizon Love (fresh off whooping that guy’s ass at the airport), Kelis, Keri Hilson, T.I. and Bobby Brown. Don Benjamin and Tyson Beckford are the competitors, and Biz Markie holds it down as the show’s in-house DJ. Bobby Brown seems a little bit tipsy in the clip below, but to be fair every guest has their own glass of liquor (or two). Catch the full episode tonight (March 13) at 9pm EST.