To catch you up to speed, Michael Bonner is a 2nd grade teacher out of Greenville, North Carolina, who’s been getting attention lately for his implementation of dance moves & music into his teaching method. A couple months ago, Mr. Bonner released an educational take on OT Genasis’ hit single “Push It” called “Read It,” which has since gone viral & attracted the attention of Ellen.

Having already visited Ellen’s show last month, Mr. Bonner decided to return to her stage this week to debut a new remix of “Read It,” featuring help from rappers Big Sean, Migos, Ty Dolla $ign, & Ice Cube. What’s even better is that when Mr. Bonner & the kids linked up to record the video, Big Sean decided to make an appearance at the studio as well.

“Reading helps us learn information for school,” Sean raps. “So we can answer questions and we can be cool.”

Check out the awesome-moment (below).