UPDATE: It turns out that Desiigner has been celebrating his release from jail all day. He was more than happy to speak with the paparazzi as they found him outside of the Gucci store with Tyga, who is celebrating his recent signing to Desiigner's team at GOOD Music. There are several bags between them, and Desiigner enthusiastically suggests that most of the purchased items are adorned in the brand's signature snakes. Watch the "Gucci Snakes" collaborators talk about their shopping spree below, via TMZ.  

Desiigner is eventually asked about him joining the likes of Bobby Shmurda and Troy Ave as the latest New York rapper to experience a potentially career-jeopardizing arrest (Desiigner's prospects are looking much more auspicious as of today). The "Tiimmy Turner" rapper responds, "Look, you gotta stay humble and know your worth. I know I ain't supposed to be in there, that ain't the place for me, you feel me?" He goes on to mention an intelligible genre that he's the face of, which will be heard by "trillions and trillions of planets." 

Original text below: 

On Thursday night, Desiigner caught a charge for possession of a loaded firearm, but it turns out, the police didn't even find a weapon in his car. Thankfully, the D.A. saw the lapse in logic in the charge, and had it thrown out, along with the felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

Desiigner is still facing some charges regarding the pills found in his vehicle, but things are looking a lot better for him this morning following his court appearance. The GOOD Music rapper is definitely happy with the D.A.'s decision, posting a video celebrating his freedom. As usual, the clip is full of his signature ad-libs. "We back out here!" he said with a smile. "They said I'm trying to sell pills... we ain't gotta do that shit no more!"

Watch the video below.