With DJ Khaled's track "I'm The One" exerting some recent dominance of the radio airplay and streaming charts, it's only natural that America's most powerful sketch show would its sights on parodying it eventually.

During last night's (May 20th) season finale, we got such a parody with "Rap Song," which takes aim at basically any hip-hop or rap song that boasts an inordinate amount of features. Kenan Thompson plays rapper Big Chris, a man who enlists some pals to join him on the track. However, things get a little hairy when Dwayne Johnson’s King Keef and others continue to interrupt Chris in order to grab some of the song's spotlight for themselves. There's also a ton of really funny rap names - can we please get a collab between Pregnasty and Hawt Clown in real life?

Watch the full video below.