Watch Heart-Racing First Person Footage Of The El Chapo Raid

Carver Low
January 12, 2016 14:24

First person footage of raid to capture El Chapo will make you feel like you’re in Call of Duty.

The Mexican Navy has provided video showing a very long segment of the raid to capture infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The footage was filmed using a GoPro camera strapped to one of the military members. To call it intense is a fairly massive understatement.

The first two minutes feature heavy gunfire and flash bang grenades. Combined with the first person perspective, it literally feels like a war video game (but with much more dire consequences). The video also gives a glimpse of what a drug kingpin’s home looks like, with added bullet holes. It’s a sprawling building, which no doubt contributed to El Chapo’s ability to escape through a secret tunnel. He was eventually caught at a motel near the edge of town.

The raid has been dubbed “Cisne Negro” by Mexican authorities, which translates to “Black Swan.” Guzman had previously gained notoriety (aside from his drug trade) for his original escape from a Mexican prison using a hole dug into his cell.

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LIFE Watch Heart-Racing First Person Footage Of The El Chapo Raid