So, can all graduation ceremonies be this cool?

An Instagram video from the end of one such occasion at Howard University is turning heads today, not because of an uplifting speech or a star pupil, but because of dancing. To be more specific: swag dancing.

The entire group of graduates stood and moved in unison to the big beats of Fast Life Yungstaz's track "Swag Surfin'." Everyone really got into it, including the parents, professors and even the woman immediately facing the students, who is making that multicolored ribbon baton WORK.

The institution, located in Washington, D.C., has been around since 1867, and "ranks among the highest producers of the nation's Black professionals in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, nursing, architecture, religion, law, music, social work and education." I think I'll go there to get my master's in swag.

View the video below.