Idris Elba is dialing it back to the days in which he operated as a DJ in the London club scene. Unfortunately, Idris' interest in music has been reduced to a past time or a hobby, in the years passed - as "King Dris" has effectively modeled himself a dynamic actor, on both sides of the Atlantic. But Dris, as he's affectionately called, has found a way to merge the two lanes, by accepting the role of "Charlie" in Netflix's brand new tele series Turn Up Charlie.

Turn Up Charlie is essentially the story of a working DJ trapped in an endless time loop cloistered by fist pumps and morning hangovers - only to accept a position as a nanny for his best friend's daughter.

As with films like Green Book, and basic plot storylines of the like, Charlie and the young girl become unlikely friends, as they come to grips with self-activation, albeit at different points in their lives.

Turn Up Charlie is created by the man himself, Idris Elba, in conjunction with co-producers Gary Reich, and Tristram Shapeero - the latter also assuming the directorial chair in a shared effort with Matt Lipsey. The first 8 episodes of Turn Up Charlie is expected to turn up on Netflix as of March 15th, check out the trailer right above.