This week, Joey Bada$$ announced he would release a "woke" track, "Land Of The Free," Friday at noon during Donald Trump's presidential inauguration. It should be the first single to his anticipated new album AABA. In a recent photo shoot with GQ Magazine, Bada$$ performed a mean freestyle

"Now, what's freedom to you," he spits. "Let's talk about it. Take a minute, think it through 'cause I'm all about it. But the concept seems new. Cops still shoot us down on Channel 5 News, lock us up for anything we do to pay dues. Some of us woke wild, some stay snooze. Zombies walking around tripping over his shoes."

The Brooklyn rapper and Pro Era front man's straight-off-the-dome verses are subversive and socially conscious in a time of political uncertainty in America. Look for "Land Of The Free" when it drops on Inauguration Day.