Logic has done a lot to build his name up over the course of 2017. After an appearance on the soundtrack for the film Suicide Squad that earned him some well-deserved buzz at the end of last year, the release of Everybody this past spring has led to a boon for his popularity in hip-hop circles. Now, the Maryland-born emcee is solidifying his crossover appeal with a guest-star spot on the popular Adult Swim series Rick and Morty.

The fourth episode of the show's third season aired last night (August 13th), featuring a story that ends with an interstellar concert that somehow managed to book Logic as the headliner. It's a foray into television that should appeal greatly to his nerdy and pop culture-obsessed fan base, mixed superhero tropes with family drama and some colorful character. In other words, it sounds like an area where Logic's voice, known for being an unwavering carrier of positivity, could counterbalance really well. Also, there are rumors that this turn on Rick and Morty could potentially open the door to more voice acting gigs down the road. Only time will tell if that's true or not, but it would seem like the next logical step for the rapper and his brand.

You can check out a short clip from the Rick and Morty episode below.