Matthew McConaughey's doing some film promo for his flick The Beach Bum that follows a weed-smoking, beer-loving writer who is fully capable of penning the next greatest novel as long as he can stop the partying and drug use for just a little while. In light of the film's release, Matthew has teamed with Jimmy Kimmel and his late show to hit the streets of West Hollywood and convince pedestrians they're high. 

Of course, Matthew was dressed as the character of the movie as he lied to people by telling them that everything they were about to ingest had THC in it, when really it didn't. "That's crazy," one woman explained, detailing how she felt "tingly" in her hands and toes. Another guy sipped on some 'infused' tea and said he was feeling "something relaxing" coming over him while another woman said her legs felt like gummy bears - check it out below.

The Beach Bum also stars Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher and Snoop Dogg who previously explained how he and Matthew made some "real songs" when they got high on set. 

"We made about seven songs that was for real, right, and he was so high, like, for the whole rest of the movie we kept touching back on those songs," Snoop explained. "Like, we would be just chilling and he would bring this song up and this song up, and I'm like, alright cool. We got the whole groove set so now everything is beautiful. But at the same time, he didn't do none of the lines from the movie the first night."