This past March, Pharrell and Robin Thicke were forced to cough up $7.5 million to the estate of Marvin Gaye for infringing upon Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" for the pair's 2013 smash hit, "Blurred Lines." The trial dragged on for almost a year and half, and the verdict will surely have lasting effects on a music industry in which the borrowing of ideas is inescapable. 

Video footage of Pharrell's deposition, made in April 2014, has been recovered by Hollywood Reporter and you can now watch over 15 minutes of a very uncomfortable back and forth between Pharrell and an opposing lawyer. Throughout the video, Pharrell is snappy, cold, and guarded. To his credit, he escapes most of potential traps set by the lawyer, and one can imagine that being grilled by a non-musician about one's creative process would be annoying to say the least. When asked to explain certain chord progressions, Pharrell replied, "I'm not here to teach you music." 

Watch all three parts of the deposition below.