T-Pain is the latest artist to be commissioned for a self-portrait by Noisey, and while, by his own admission, his picture ended up a little more alien-like than he'd intended, the clip is worth watching for the commentary alone. From his fascination with drawing vaginas as a child, to his association of moustaches with pedophilia, the singer covers a lot of ground over the course of 2 minutes.

Here are 5 of the best quotes off the bat.

"It's a little uneven, but I feel like my face isn't crazy symmetrical"

"When I was a kid, I only doodled pictures of vaginas. I've got tons of experience doing that. If y'all asked me to draw a vagina right now? Anatomically correct. Full-on, every part of it."

"The 'stache is poppin, obviously. This is definitely not a 17-year-old stache."

"It's a fact that not all people with moustaches are pedophiles, but it's also a fact that every pedophile has a moustache."

"Should I put a bandana on this bitch?"

T-Pain recently made headlines when he revealed some of his popular misunderstood lyrics to fans, many of whom didn't take it so well. He released his long-awaited album Oblivion in November. You can stream the project, which features guest appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Wale, Chris Brown, and Black Youngsta, here.

Watch our 2015 interview with T-Pain, in which he talked about the album, then titled Stoicville: The Phoenix, below.