Nas dropped a six-minute documentary on Monday in partnership with The Guardian called "The Real Hip-Hop" that explores the role and influence of breakdancing and hip-hop in the slums of Uganda, Cambodia, Yemen, and Colombia. Though Nas does not appear in the film and his role in its production in his unclear, shoutout to him for participating in a video that offers a mouthpiece to impoverished urban youth around the world.

"I take the word slum to be an abbreviation for the words 'Social Lessons Useful for Mind,'" says a youngster from Kampala, Uganda. Another Uganda shares an insightful definition of poverty as more lack of self-esteem than lack of cash flow.

"I think hip hop is attractive to the youth in the hood," says one Colombiano. "It gives you hope that things can be better, that things can be different, and the conviction that you have control over that change."

Check out "The Real Hip Hop" below:

[via HipHopDX]