If you ever watch TNT’s Inside The NBA then you would know Shaq & Charles Barkley are always making fun of one another in some light-hearted fashion, but following Monday night’s game in Cleveland, things look to have gotten a little more personal than usual for a minute.

While eating some chicken wings, Shaq started to dig at Charles’ lack of Finals’ appearance in fun nature, when Chuck fired back by saying Shaq only won his Championships because he rode the coat tails of Kobe, D-Wade & Alonzo Mourning. Well, Shaq didn't like that too much & got super pissed, threatening to punch Charles in the face.

“Dont interrupt me. Im gonna punch you right in your face one of these times.” Shaq says when Ernie asks why they’re getting personal. Chuck then fired back at Shaq saying “Im gonna throw one of these chicken wings at your fat ass.”

Kenny & Ernie look try to calm things down and keep the discussion moving forward, but Shaq & Charles just wouldn't stop going at one another.

Of course, no bows were thrown & the two finished the segment just fine, but this was definitely a good argument. Check out the hilarious exchanges (below).