Topher Grace is about to give a performance of a lifetime. Although his resume is packed with fluffy comedies like his most notable role as Eric in That 70s Show, the actor has been tapped to body an unusual role within that context: Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, David Duke.

Grace is set to play the wizard in a highly anticipated Spike Lee joint called BlacKkKlansman. Even his team was perplexed with his decision to play this part and responded with a giant question mark when the actor made his announcement. In fairness, he says "It’s not like something I’ve done before." Watch a clip of his performance of his character's "White America" speech after the jump.

BlacKkKlansman has already gotten rave reviews from its screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Its twisted plot has garnered much interest, especially considering the racial-political climate of the US. The fact that the story it tells is actually true only adds to the film's cachet.

Spike Lee continues to make waves in the film industry with a sharper political edge. He is adamant on lifting the voices of dissent that speak against his Amerian country's current administration as well as its long history of oppression.