Young Thug has always been one to appreciate the unconventional. Perhaps that's why he actually came through to attend the stranger-than-fiction "Young Thug As Paintings" artwork exhibit. The project, which was orchestrated by Netherlands-based artist Hajar Benjida, took place at the Miami Beach Art Fair in early December. The premise was simple: juxtaposing classic pieces of artwork with photographs of Young Thug. Strange, but relatively straightforward compared to a few choice "modern art" displays. Now, you can behold Young Thug experiencing the exhibit first hand, through this recent video from VICE.

Arriving on the scene sporting a Notorious B.I.G. t-shirt, Thugger checks out some of the displays, all while fielding an excited crowd of fans. "It feels amazing, cause like, the way it's put together takes time," explains Thug. Upon hearing one attendee marvel about the similarities between Thug candids and centuries-old artwork, Thugger agrees wholeheartedly. "That's weird," he nods. "That's weird. I pose like history people."

He also points out his favorite piece ("Man and boy in Algiers" by Anders Zorn), which holds a special place in his heart, given the picture was taken on his first day out of jail. "Turn negatives into positives," he says, ever-the-man of few words.