Red Bull's The Note documentary takes hip hop fans on a sidewinding tour of today;s key influencers by tracing their ascent. The latest instalment shines the spotlight on Zaytoven, beginning in his parent's basement. Of the music recycled and of use in the special, one in particular stuck out. Yung Pinch's Zay-produced "The Navy" is a first of its kind. Zaytoven for all his talents, has been pigeonholed for his signature "organ rolls", yet he proves by this token, that music consumes him, not the other way around.

During a special dinner event hosted by Red Bull celebrating the release of the documentary, Zaytoven fielded questions about his work. On the topic of "trap music,"  Zay felt the most in his element, even among a crowd of strangers, bringing forward his definition of the movement: "Trap music was drug-selling music," he said before broadening his definition to include other hustles. "I was cutting hair. I felt like that was my trap. I was selling beats. So trap music is hustling music to me. Whatever you hustling. You might be selling weave." 

The 17-minute clip is Zaytoven's assessment of everything that was written in the past, and indication of things to come. Enjoy.

[via Billboard]