Sometimes, a man must push his body and mind to the absolute limits, if only to see how far said limits actually stretch. On the other hand, some men are simply the maddest of lads, all the way down to the very core. Judging from his latest, and notably Herculean feat, Watsky sits comfortably between the two categories.


Anthony DelMundo/Getty Images

Yesterday, the rapper put it upon himself to freestyle for over thirty-three uninterrupted hours, all while running a multifaceted fundraiser. Armed with a healthy dose of smoothies on deck, as well as a mobile microphone for facilitating the inevitable need for bathroom bars, Watsky proceeded to engage on his epic quest. All the while, fans were able to directly interact with the rapper, offering inspiration and donations in exchange for shout-outs and rare memorabilia. 

With the entire process being continuously live-streamed, Watsky was able to raise over $140,000 in charitable donations. As he explains it down, the money will be going toward paying his bandmates and road crew, paying and supporting his fans in need of financial aid, and the nonprofit Sweet Relief, which provides assistance to musicians affected by the pandemic. 

While Guinness's rules did alott sanctioned time for a break (five minutes for every hour), they later confirmed that Watsky rapped for thirty-three straight hours. Upon completion of the marathon cypher, Watsky ended up shattering the previously laid Guinness World Record (set by Pablo Alvarez, who freestyled for twenty-five hours). Never has the expression "goodnight sweet prince" felt so applicable. Check out the final four hours below, and be sure to show some love for a genuinely impressive and dedicated effort.