Wendy Williams' two-week hiatus from her regular hosting duties are over. The talk show host started off her "hot topics" segment of her latest episode discussing Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's baby rumours, and it's safe to say she did not go easy on them.

Clearly having no mercy, Wendy shares a few of her opinions on the matter telling her audience that she believes Travis and Kylie are no longer together, and after she accidentally got pregnant he bailed on her. "Please, that was a split and run, in my mind," she tells her audience. "Like, the condom split, she took the test and was probably like, 'Oh my god, what am I going to do now? Travis!' He's like, 'No, I'm a rock star. I got no part of that. You got plenty of money on your own, figure it out on your own.' That's how people cavalierly treat pregnancy." 

She even takes a jab at Kylie's cosmetic rituals adding, "Let me tell you something, you can do whatever you want to yourself, but the baby is still going to look like the old you...just saying."

Wendy even disses Travis' appearances asking the audience "what is that" when a photo of the rapper appears in front of her. Watch the full video below. What do you guys think?