Wendy Williams has no filter. Even if you've only watched a few minutes of her talk show, you know that to be a fact. In the past, she's gone after Future and Fetty Wap for having children by different mothers, she's commented on R. Kelly's case by saying he shouldn't go to jail, and more. She has her opinions and she's unafraid to tell the entire world about them. When it comes to her family life, that situation has been convoluted as of late. Over the holidays, rumors surfaced that Kevin Hunter, Wendy's husband, was cheating on her with one of their neighbors. She ended up taking an extended hiatus from her show for a shoulder injury but now that she's back on the air, Wendy has been making sure to discuss all of the hottest topics. Somehow, the topic of safe sex came across her mind and she decided to retell the story of how she introduced the "birds and bees" to her son.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kevin Hunter Jr. is 19-years-old and he probably won't be too happy when he finds out about his mother's rant on a recent episode of her show. As reported by Page Six, the entertainer told her audience all about how she introduced the topic of safe sex to her son. "I was the one who bought Kevin his first big box of condoms," said Wendy. "He wasn’t even having the sex, but we were already having the sex talk in our family. So my husband was the one who said, ‘Yo, take him to the Walgreens and buy him a box of condoms. We bought the condoms, I bought a banana, showed him exactly what to do."

According to her, that opened the gate for tons of open conversations about sex, which she encourages other parents to have with their kids. What's your take on it?