Wendy Williams is usually getting in trouble for dissing and bad mouthing celebrities and reality stars. She once said Beyonce  needed auto, that Travis Scott was going to dump Kylie Jenner, shaded Khloe Kardashian after Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, called Ashanti a "fledgling artist at best" and lots more. In her most recent episode, Wendy has shaded one of her own audience members when she called her "blackie."

Wendy was talking about Shania Twain and how her ex-husband left her for her best friend. Wendy then asked her audience, "and what do you think Shania does?" A Black woman in the front row uses her hands to do a punching symbol and Wendy reacts. "See, come on now don't stereotype us, Blackie," she said to the woman. "Don't do that, you're too beautiful for that." The camera then pans to the woman who seems a little embarrassed. 

Wendy doesn't seem to notice (or care) that she said a racially sensitive term. As always, the Twitterverse has chimed in on the matter with one user tweeting, "Wendy Williams called out a dark skin girl in her audience and called her “ blackie “ are we gonna let that slide????"

Check out the video (at the 24-minute mark) and Twitter reactions below.