Anyone could have predicted that Kanye West's recent Saturday Night Live performance would become controversial especially since he was seen wearing a MAGA hat and Colin Kaepernick jersey the day before he was set to take the stage. As expected, he kept the hat on during his appearance and according to him he was "bullied" backstage after people told him to remove to the hat. Being as Wendy Williams was also in attendance at the show, she gave her opinion on Kanye's antics admitting that she feels bad for his family. 

“After the show goes off the air at 1 AM, Kanye is on the stage with all the actors, then he asked to do a third song, off TV but for us, and they said yes. So, Kanye went on a rant, and he was booed. He was booed by everybody in the audience when he talked about President Donald Trump, and then he said he was bullied backstage,” Wendy revealed on The Wendy Williams Show this morning, via Hollywood Life. “I’ll tell you this, he needs to stay in the house. Honestly. I feel bad for Kim [Kardashian] and the kids."

After his SNL bit, Kanye hit up his favourite platform, Twitter, and tweeted that the 13th amendment (which abolishes slavery) should be dropped. He quickly clarified his comment but the damage was already done.

“He does not appear to be all there, I know controversy sells, but this is a little controversial,” Wendy added.