A couple of days back we posted that Cardi B's upcoming weekend performance in Baltimore was canceled due to complications from her recent liposuction and breast augmentation. Apparently, her post-surgery reactions have gotten so bad that she's forced to rest to allow the swelling on her body to go down in full. 

Presley Ann/Getty Images 

The topic was brought up on Wendy Williams' self-titled talk show where she praised the "Wish Wish" rapper for being so honest about her procedures. "First of all, give her points for admitting something true," Wendy told her audience. "She could have said anything, like 'my daughter doesn't feel well,' or 'I don't feel like coming," or 'I got more money in Dubai so I'm going.' [..] Instead, like our girl has always done, she tells us the truth."

Wendy referenced her Beale Street Music Festival performance where Cardi was jumping on stage just days after her surgery and detailed some of the complications that can go wrong if you don't rest. "Take it from Cardi, who realizes when to sit down. She didn't realize during the first concert but she realizes now and I'm sure she's very very sorry for Baltimore."